Primer 2004 Movie 720p Download

Name Primer 2004 Movie 720p Mkvcinemas
Quality 720p (646.35 MB)
Genres Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Release Date 27 May 2005 (Spain)
Stars Shane Carruth, David Sullivan, Casey Gooden
IMDB Rating

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The Storyline of Primer 2004 Movie 720p Mkvcinemas:

In Primer 2004 Movie 720p Mkvcinemas, Engineers Aaron, Abe, Robert and Phillip are working on an invention, the prototype being built in Aaron’s garage. This project is beyond their day jobs. The project truly does belong to Aaron and Abe, as they use all their free time working on it, primarily trying to overcome the many engineering related problems they’ve encountered. It is during one of his tests with the invention running that Abe discovers that a protein inside the main unit has multiplied much more rapidly than it could in nature. Rather than the invention being a protein super incubator, Abe, using himself as a guinea pig, and a very meticulous one at that, discovers that the invention can be used as a time machine. In his self experiment, Abe was especially careful not to interfere with his own self in that time warp.

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